I’m the wife of my fourth grade best friend and dog mom to a psycho Australian Shepherd. I was homeschooled and reek of social awkardness but I'm also a pro at traveling because my family explored the U.S. in an RV for months at a time. Need a kick ass deal for your honeymoon? I got you. 

I'm an Enneagram 8 and tell it like it is all. the. time. Which means if your bridal party is fooling around a little to much? You betcha I'm gonna get their butts in gear. 


I'm Morgan. If you hire me as your photographer I will wear your veil as my personal mosquito net + make you run into the sunset with your new spouse and get eaten alive/die of West Nile. 

But the pictures will be so. darn. worth it. 


puppy cuddles + taco bell burritos + Ravenclaw + crazy hippie patterns + mid century mod + hiking + travel planning + green tea  + ocean waves  + weddings by the water

I started doing weddings because I was a poor college student who needed money. Then I got an 8-5 and was like NOPE no thank you. So here we are. I attend church and a party every weekend and it's the most perfect job in the world for my extremist personality. 

My main goals of the wedding day: capture the little moments that you're not going to notice in the whirlwind of the day. Get the traditional shots for grandma and mom. Become friends with you, your new spouse and your entire bridal party. Embarrassingly bop my head while I get killer dancing shots. Pour my heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears into you and your wedding day. I'll be there for it all. 

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Feb 27- March 5 // West Palm Beach, FL
March 11-15 // Joshua Tree, CA
May 22-31 // Cayman Islands
July 12-16 // Destin, FL
August 23-28 // Jamaica
October 24-27 // Green Bay, WI
November 6-11 // Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Guys I seriously will go anywhere. My hubs and I have super flexible schedules and are always down for an adventure + a few beers after. Also I'm a badass at finding insane travel deals. Join me on one of these trips or add another to a list. Going somewhere other than home makes for an insane engagement session or a swoon-worth elopement/wedding. It's worth it.