Whew, what a CRAZY past few weeks! I'm sure you are being inundated with people saying "What about your wedding?!" and that's probably so annoying. I know it's overwhelming. I know you're full of emotions and stress and you're probably just a little bit pissed off. 

We feel you. We hear you. And we are here to have your backs from 6 feet away. 

This virus sucks and this is unfair. Caring about your wedding doesn't mean that you don't care about the illnesses and other people - I know you all do. But you've put a lot of time and money into your day and man, this is just a big hassle right now! It's a little anxiety-inducing.

All of my couples have weddings that are far enough away that they are in the "we don't know yet what will happen" timeframe. But it always helps me to put together some sort of plan - some sort of "just in case, we will do X, then Y, then Z as our options" when I'm feeling uncertain.

There's no need to be panicked or make a decision today

so you planned a
wedding during a worldwide pandemic....

general notes: 

What if you're sick or quarantined but by then, everything else is fine and we are good to go with the wedding?"

If that's the case - I'll work and find a photographer who is NOT sick or quarantined (most likely Madi or vice versa if you have Madi/Natalie at your wedding) to shoot your wedding and I'll edit and deliver it. They'll follow the timeline that you and I put together. I'm trying very hard not to get sick (I work from home full time and am going very few places to minimize my exposure and stay healthy for you). If there's some sort of travel restriction where you can have the wedding and I can't get there - say we can't travel out of the county or town- then I'll try to find a photog who can get to you as long as there's no stay at home order/our business isn't legally shut down. 

We have to postpone. When do you think we should reschedule? 

Ugh I wish I knew. We don't have a crystal ball, so we're following the news and trying to gauge as best we can. Best case scenario: late June/July. Worst case: 2021. If I personally was rescheduling my wedding, I'd shoot for August or September but honestly, we're just as clueless as you are about when restrictions could loosen up. 

We still have PLENTY of Fridays/Sundays available and Madi and Natalie still have open Saturdays. We can definitely work something out regardless of the season! 

We still have plenty of weekends available in July-August and even more free Fridays/Sundays throughout the year. I assume most of you would rather get married this year than next year. If you pick a date I don't have available, I can offer an associate shooter who does have the date available and I will still edit and deliver. I am currently networked with over 20 local photographers and we are all making back-up lists and preparing for this week by week so each week I will have an ample list of free photographers to choose from.

There's no rescheduling fee for a new 2020 date and your balance due date is moved to 2 weeks before the new date.

if you need to postpone all/some of your wedding festivities... 

This is where the conversation gets tricky. I KNOW you didn't ask for any of this COVID-19 chaos.  It's a very real possibility that 2021 could be two wedding years combined. We need to serve our 2021 couples AND you, and we can't do that easily (or pay our mortgage), if our 2020 couples absorb all of the Saturdays that 2021 couples would have booked. We do about 50 weddings a year, so 50 2020 clients moving to 2021 Saturdays would be detrimental to our business and income. 

That being said, we're not charging a change fee for 2021 Fridays & Sundays. Madi and Natalie have zero new booking date fees, Saturdays included. We're really trying our hardest to work with you. There will be a $1,000 new non-refundable deposit required if you book a Saturday from April - October of 2021 with Morgan.  We hate to do this. But our prices have most likely significantly raised since you booked us (so you're still getting a pretty good deal) and you're getting a much more experienced team of photographers! 

if you move your date to 2021...

I know some of you are like "Ew no Fridays. We want a traditional Saturday weddings." BUT GUYS THERE'S SO MANY PERKS. 

1. I was married on a Friday. It was awesome. 
2. Your guests get their ENTIRE weekend to still enjoy at their leisure!
3. Most ceremonies start late afternoon/evening anyway so your guests won't have to take off work unless they're out of town. And if they're traveling, they'll probably take off Fridays anyway.
4. Venues and caterers can be way cheaper on Fridays
5. You get a MUCH wider variety of available dates if you're rescheduling all your vendors. The likelihood of them being available is much higher. 

let's talk friday weddings...

A lot of our couples are still wanting to honor their wedding date. We HIGHLY support it. Here's a few things that they're doing/we're suggesting: 

-If there's still a stay at home order in place, find a place that's special and meaningful to the two of you - a nearby park or a favorite spot in your yard. Living rooms are an option too! Send out a cute little graphic with a Zoom invitation so family and friends can tune in. Celebrate with your favorite take-out (even if it's from multiple places, go ham), and music and games and good alcohol. 

- If there's not a stay at home order, you can do a small intimate ceremony with 10 or so of your closest family and friends. We have brides buying a second, more affordable dress for this occasion and some that are wearing their dress twice- for the ceremony and the postponed reception. Once again - try to find an outdoor location for lighting, and atmosphere. 

-If we're at the point where they're still banning large gatherings but allowing travel, we can head up to Michigan to the dunes, to Logansport or Indy for waterfalls, or go to Turkey Run for some really cool views! 

- The biggest thing with all of the above- MAKE IT SPECIAL. Don't just walk into the living room and say vows. Queue twinkle lights, candle, music, grocery store flowers, good food and champagne. Order flowers from your florist if you still can, do your hair and makeup, and write your own vows or letters to make it intimate and meaningful. 

Affordable & quick wedding dress stores:
Show me your mumu
davids bridal

We will do our best to be at both as long as strict stay at home orders aren't in place. We'll wear masks if we have too and make sure to overly santize/stay 6 feet apart. 

Coverage wise? We'll split up what you booked us for! So 2 hours for the elopement and portraits, and another remaining 6 at the reception later this year if you booked us for 8. We can discuss hours and timeline, but you shouldn't have to add hours unless you're doing a second ceremony on your reception date. We're essentially just doing the ceremony waaayyy before the reception so the timelines should relatively match up. 

if you elope & postpone your reception...

let's talk elopement or
intimate wedding...

This part SUCKS. I won't beat around the bush. But everyone will appreciate you wanting to keep them safe and healthy. 

- Make a post on social media informing everyone of your postponed date. 

- If you've already sent out invites, you can print a letter explaining the new date and your reasoning and attach a new RSVP card. Or you can reprint the whole invitation set with the new date, making it clear that the date is postponed. 

- If you haven't set out invites, you can send out a "new" save the date or simply just wait until it's time to set out invitations for the new date! 

let's talk communicating postponement with guests...

rebooking with us: 

1. text/email/call us a list of potential new dates you're considering.

2. We'll find a date that works for all of us! 

3. we send you a rescheduling addendum. You sign and we officially move your date! 
*please no instagram dm's! 

emaiL: Morgan@indigolace.com
Text: 260.229.7059

who is postponing? how should i decide? 

-Is your date during a current stay-at-home order? 
-Is your guest list non-negotiable? If you had to scale down to a 50-100 person wedding, would you want to postpone? If so, find a backup date if you're a few months out. 
- Is this pandemic causing a LOT of negativity/stress around your wedding date? Are you high-anxiety to the point where it's affecting your day to day? If so, find a backup date to relieve some stress. 

-April/May couples
-Summer couples in June/July are starting to find backup dates but aren't postponing quite yet. Since nobody knows how this will progress, they're waiting to May/early June to decide. If invites go out a little late, that's okay! 

married is
what matters. 

above all, remember...

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