Haley + Migui // Warren Dunes Van Life Engagement Session // Michigan Wedding Photographer

It was her idea at first. She always had this innate desire to see everything. To live a life without many strings attached and pack it full of adventure. But there was one string she couldn’t live without, and that was Migui. Ever since he had approached her at that party on New Year’s Eve and told her about the cupcakes (a pick up line that he’s still proud of to this day), they’ve been inseparable. So she showed him a few blogs, a few inspiration pictures, and he readily agreed. They would live in a van and travel the country, settling down for only a few months at a time to pick up a job and raise some gas money.

Soon after, the little silver van came into their lives and they named it Ferdinand. In just a few months they filled it with cabinets, a bed, their most precious belongings, and each other. It became a home and they took off toward the east coast, exploring all the way up to Maine and back down to the Carolina’s, both seeing sights that they never had even imagined seeing. Their laid-back, artistic souls soaked it all in and they started to dream bigger. They’ll trek out west this fall, returning to Chicago next summer to be surrounded by family and friends when they unite their souls and promise to live life to the fullest together.

We thought Warren Dunes shared some of the most important things – Lake Michigan that shares the same waters with Chicago, the city that Haley and Migui fell in love in, and the dunes, water, camping, and travel that Haley and Migui constantly crave. We stepped in a lot of seagull droppings and covered ourselves in sand and the chilly water, but it was so so worth it. Haley and Migui, I seriously freaking love your adventurous souls and can’t wait to follow you around the world via social media (maybe physically once or twice too) and see you take on all the explorations. Say hi to those Rockies for me! All the love -xx, M


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