I am fiercely loyal to those I love- I fell in love in the fourth grade and have stuck with him ever since. On your wedding day, you’ll get that same loyalty, too. 

hi I'm morgan

After 7 years in the wedding industry, I’ve learned the ins and outs to help your day run seamlessly. From handling weather to wrangling family- I am there to be a helping hand through it all. 

You need someone to document both the reactions of your family and friends during the speeches and capture the traditional shots so grandma has her fridge pic. That's what I'm here for. 

I thrive in the lively, constantly moving environment of weddings. My Enneagram 8 personality means that I make decisions quickly and effectively- nothing on your wedding day can throw me. 

You'll never be asked to fake laugh or pose awkwardly. I prompt you, direct you, and coax you to be your true selves. You'll look back on every photo and have it attached to a memory. 

this is my bff luna

the goal: get the candid of grandma for your album and the traditional picture of you that grandma can put on her fridge

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your love is a force.
let's document that

Now booking 2021 & 2022 weddings, big & small