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She was fully expecting this date to go terribly wrong. She had known this man for years- since elementary school. He was the ornery kid in class, the troublemaker, the one that annoyed Sarah every day. She couldn’t stand him. But her friend poked and prodded until Sarah finally gave in and agreed to go on the blind date. 

Then they started talking. And laughing. She realized that he wasn’t the ornery kid in the class anymore, but rather a man that chased after her own heart. A friendship grew into love, and three years later, Brandon got down on one knee and proposed to the girl who disliked him so much years back in elementary school. 

Their wedding day was perfect beyond words. Sarah was calm, cool, and collected the entire day, knowing that the only thing that mattered was that Brandon was waiting for her at the end of the aisle. And between the hugs, laughter, and hustle and bustle of a normal wedding day, the family took the time to savor the moments, remember Sarah’s father who passed away a few years back, and cry happy, and some sad, tears. Sarah and Brandon, it was such a blessing to meet you two, and you are both the sweetest souls. Cheers to an endless future – xx, M

June 23, 2016

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“Their photos are timeless,
not trendy, and they really capture the essence of the day" 

Maggie & Nick 

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