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Their school was nestled in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne, right where the both of them had grown up. They passed each other in the hallways of the middle school, but it was in high school when Kenny realized the pretty brunette girl wasn’t just another passerby in the hallway. Her quiet demeanor, bubbly laugh, and the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled immediately grabbed his heart. But like most high school boys, he was never able to muster up the courage to ask Rachel out on a date. So instead of giving up, he held onto her the only way he knew – he became her friend. 

College separated them physically, but not emotionally.  They stayed in touch, getting together on holidays and weekends when they were both back in the city. After college they reconnected and started to grow a deeper friendship. And all of a sudden, after so much time had passed, they looked at each other one night and realized that they had more then a friendship between them – they had a deep, loving relationship. Finally, after so many years of watching his high school crush live her life, Kenny gave her a ring and promised to cherish her in his life for the rest of time. 

Kenny and Rachel, it was so wonderful exploring downtown with you, and THANK YOU for being the most magical, adventerous souls and jumping in the fountain for me 🙂 So excited for your wedding next year! xoxo, M

July 6, 2016

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not trendy, and they really capture the essence of the day" 

Maggie & Nick 

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