Welcome to the best of the best -  best laughs, the best love, the best people, the best parties. You're about to enter one of the greatest seasons of life. Soak it in - we're here to document it all so you can relive  all of it and think "wow, what a life." 

Weddings aren’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Whether you’re introverted and graceful or playful and loud, we coax out your true personality while documenting how the day felt. 

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They made my wedding day. I beg you, let them make yours."
Olivia & Nick


"Truly incredible the level of service, time and effort that she put into our special day."
Maggie & Nick

it's more than just photos

It's the legacy.
The humans in the room with you. 
That this day will never happen again. 

We operate the day with a fine balance of taking the lead when needed and stepping back to anticipate the best moments that unfold naturally, making the wedding day (and photos) uniquely yours. 

Olivia & Tyler

"they made my wedding day, i beg you, let them make yours"

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We're Morgan and Madi - documentarians who strive to make every single wedding gallery from us looks different, because it is different. After decades in the industry, our craft of anticipation is honed and our manipulation of moments is reserved. We're not here for the next viral video or wedding publication, we're here for you and documenting the candid, chaotic, emotional energy of your day.  

I CANNOT RAVE MORE ABOUT INDIGO LACE COLLECTIVE!!! I'll start with our engagement session - Morgan absolutely killed it! She was so kind and open to photographing a new spot in our neighborhood. She captured many of our favorite spots, and got our raw emotion while doing it! We definitely don't take photos every day and she made us so comfortable by playing fun music and just being easy going and prompting us along the way! It was both fun and totally natural. EXACTLY what you'd want.

Then for our wedding day, Morgan and Madi were EVERYTHING! They brought the exact energy you need around you: positive, fun, encouraging, you name it. They want to make sure you are having the best day ever!! And man, they captured it perfectly. I have only received our sneak peek photos since we JUST had our wedding, (also Morgan is insane and gets you a handful right away!!) I'm so compelled to let the world know about their amazingness, I had to get this out here. They capture such raw, real photos. RUN DON'T WALK TO BOOK THEM! You won't be disappointed.

Kryssa & michael

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