"Their photos are timeless, not trendy, and they really capture the essence of the day,  They totally put you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. "

If you're wanting a team devoted to curating an exceptional experience, hi, it's us. Do you ever wish you could duplicate yourself? That's kind of what Morgan did when she found Madi. With two of us, we're able to fully immerse ourselves into each wedding day, because it allows us to individually take on less.

We pour a lot into this job because we know the weight that imagery holds. At the end of the day, the truly candid moments are going to be what make your wedding unique. What reflects you and your people. What can't be recreated anywhere else. We enter every wedding knowing and honoring this. It's why it's so important that you love our personalities as much as our work - we'll be by your side through it all.

if you're wanting unfabricated imagery & an intentional experience, you're in the right place

maggie & nick



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chicago & midwest

i am fiercely loyal to those i love- i fell in love in the fourth grade and have stuck with him ever since. on your wedding day, you’ll get that same loyalty, too.

After 12 years in the wedding industry, there's  one thing I've realized over time: no matter the joy, the chaos, the grandiosity or simplicity, what matters most in all of this is your legacy.

I step into every wedding ready to take on the the highest of high moments and prepared to anticipate quiet un-fabricated seconds that most might not recognize as beautiful.  

These photos should feel like yours. Your gallery will be full of energy, emotion, people, and a photo-journalistic timelessness. But most of all, it will be truly your own. 


You'll eventually find yourself in the moment when the wedding day is done and the energy has faded. In that moment, all you'll have is photos.

"I'm reliving this day just by looking at these photos and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. The day was soooo full of JOY and you all captured that more perfectly than I could have ever hoped for"
Gabi & Matty

favorite hobby

favorite place

favorite part of the wedding day

Pottery and training my dog!

Ireland 10000%. Determined to retire there with sheep and herding dogs 

Its different every time, but there's nothing quite like a crowded, raging dance floor

indiana & midwest

I'm a hopeless romantic and bring the chill vibe to your wedding day. i'm here to catch the moments you miss + provide corny jokes to make you laugh. 

Being a part of the ILC team for seven wedding seasons has taught me a lot of things, but knowing when to step back and see the important moments from your perspective is where I find the joy in my work. 

A sappy romantic at heart, I know there's a difference between happy images and photos that truly show emotion, love, and a story. I'll coax out all the squeezes, kisses, and laughs (even if you're anti-PDA) and you'll be surprised at how natural it feels. 

My Enneagram 6 personality means that I think through every scenario and come prepared to let you experience this once-in-a-lifetime day. I know how to rework a timeline if things get delayed but I also know when to step back and intentionally document the moments that matter most. 


favorite hobby

favorite place

favorite part of the wedding day

Does being a swiftie count? 

Anywhere in Europe with a dairy free croissant in hand

First time the couple sees each other, every dang time

let's make history

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