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Camille & Justin // Artifact Events Wedding // Chicago Wedding Photographer

The most intimate of family and friends sat in an almost complete circle at Artifact Events, six feet apart, as Camille met Justin at the center. It wasn’t the wedding day they had originally envisioned, but it was a day that exceeded their expectations and their dreams. If you’ve read these blogs for a while, you know that I’m typically one to write a story and walk you through the day. But Justin and Camille’s vows took the breath from every single witness on the wedding day, so I’m staying silent today and letting just the tiniest portion of Camille’s vows tell their story, as it should:

“…Are we crazy for getting married in a global pandemic? Perhaps. But I think we both know that marriage is so much more than the wedding day. It’s the daily moment to moment choice of showing the ‘eff up, fully getting out of ego, listening and loving and giving through the tears. You are my choice. I choose you now, tomorrow, next year and every year after that for the rest of my life. So nah, we ain’t crazy. During a time where everything is so uncertain, you are the only thing I am so certain of. 

I think to our ancestors who faced different circumstances, but yet, wildly similar. Tomorrow, six months, ten years – all uncertain and unknown to them. But when they jumped that broom, they were certain in that moment – for however far their hearts stretched, they chose to love, to dream, to desire, to be joyful. 

Justin Stephen, I love you. I choose you. Our hearts stretch and intertwine. As we gaze off into the unknown. Hand in hand. But as long as that remains, whatever happens, we will survive. I love you. These are my vows and my promises to you.” 

VENUE: Artifacts Events
DRESS: Mika Inatome Custom Bridal
PLANNER: Delisha Fields
CAKE: Alliance Bakery
FLORALS: Brittney Kee
DJ: Dj Duerell Jones Spark Entertainment

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