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“Sorry, Uncle Bob, no pictures please”- Why I’m having an Unplugged Wedding.

Yes, I’m having an unplugged wedding. I’m politely going to ask that cell phones, video cameras, iPads, and other technological devises be stowed away. Just like the movie theater. I’ll have a nice, polite sign posted at the entrance of the ceremony requesting that electronics be turned off. If someone decides to break the rule, I’ll just have one of my ushers slap it out of their hand with a bedazzled yardstick (joking!!!). 

Why you may ask? As a photographer, I’m constantly having the great uncles, the MOB’s, the bridesmaids, and the loving friends and family stepping into my shots and firing off the camera flash right as I’m trying to capture the perfect moment.  Part of my job as a photographer is to use my ninja-like skills to skirt around people and get the best shot, so I’m used to it. However, as I am trying to capture that perfect moment, they’re missing the moment because they’re focused on the camera. That’s my biggest concern. 

I’m paying a heck of a lot of money for my photographer, who does her job extremely well. She doesn’t need a guest photographer for “back up” shots in case she misses anything. I trust her. I also want to do my best as a bride to ensure that every opportunity is provided for her to get perfect shots. The more creative freedom she has, the better shots she will produce.  No guest photographers standing in her way, kicking on their flash and ruining her shot, or distracting the wedding party when she’s trying to work some posed shots. 

The photographer is hired for one job-to perfectly document the day. But as technology has flooded into our everyday lives, the wedding guests photographers are behind their phones taking a picture instead of watching the bride smile as she walks down the aisle. 

My family and friends probably won’t be the happiest. Everyone wants to have the cell phone pictures that they can immediately post on Facebook and Instagram, or have as their own documentation, and I’ll be happy to share the photos with ever single person once I receive them from my amazing photographer. They will all live.  I want all of my guests to be in the moment, enjoying it with me. Not behind their phones. 



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