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Caroline & Justin // Cataract Falls Engagement Session // Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

It was from across the room at a Defiance College alumni event that they saw each other. Not for the first time – they had known of each other throughout their years at campus, but neither had paid much notice to the other. But at the alumni event that one fall day, something had changed. Out of all the old classmates and people in the crowd, Caroline stood out. Her hazel eyes lit up the room when she laughed and she left an impression on Justin’s heart at the exact same moment that his deep voice and tall stature made her heart skip a beat. Depending on who you ask, the story changes as to whom made the first move, but they both agree- attending the alumni event was the best decision both of them had ever made.

They spent the next few years chasing their dreams while creating a relationship with each other. Sometimes it meant separate cities with separate careers, while desperately trying to join their separate lives over long weekends and road trips to see each other in their individual cities. And they did. After two years of hard work and dedication, Justin proposed in the middle of Caroline’s hometown conservatory and Caroline responded with a resounding “Yes!”  A few short months later, graduation papers were signed, boxes were packed, and Caroline and Justin found themselves in the same city once more. This time, for good.

They’ll be married this winter under the golden ceiling of Baker Street Station in Fort Wayne. We decided to meet half way between Fort Wayne and St. Louis, where Caroline and Justin now call home, to watch the sun rise and play in the waterfalls. Caroline and Justin, THANK YOU for being the most adventurous couple, waking up early with no coffee and getting wet, wild, and sharing so many laughs. I can’t thank you enough and am also so grateful that little Hemy survived the cliff 😉 All the love – xx, M


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