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Carsen + Logan // France Park Waterfall Engagement Session // Indiana Wedding Photographer

They were best friends in middle school and high school. They joked about one day getting married, but nothing more. Family and friends wondered- the two were inseparable, laughed and joked constantly, and communicated in a way that was almost a different, intimate language. But adult life creeped in and the two eventually parted ways as college and careers rounded the corner. It wasn’t until a handful of years later that they reconnected and suddenly, it wasn’t just a friendship anymore. The timing felt right, and even though Facebook messenger was their version of dating for several months, something was there.

As adults, they have never lived in the same city. But both Carsen and Logan knew that if that’s what it took to be together, than it was worth the sacrifice. Weekends were spent on the road, meeting halfway or rearranging schedules so they could spend as much time as possible together. They were overjoyed when they departed on the trip to New Zealand with Carsen’s family – it would be several weeks side by side, something that their relationship had craved so often. Carsen joked the entire trip about how it would be the perfect time for Logan to propose. Logan brushed her off, ignored her, and even scolded her a bit for being so persistent. But then, surrounded by the water, waterfalls, and mountains at Milford Sound, Logan called her bluff. He asked the questions that Carsen had secretly been waiting for since childhood, and they immediately began planning for the day that would finally allow them to be in the same city, share the same home, and never alternate weekends again.

Carsen and Logan, spending the evening with you was seriously such a blast and I’m so glad it gave you an excuse to meet mid-week. Thank you for getting eaten alive by mosquitos and suffering through the wet clothing and underwear. I can’t wait to party it up with you two next spring! So ready for the day where you two can finally be together- you deserve it. All the love – xx, M




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