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Bright and Colorful Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement Session // Becky and Michael

They sat on the couch, watching a movie, when Becky turned towards Michael and asked what they were. They had spent the last few months as close friends, hanging out for Lord of the Ring movie nights and bonding over takeout food. Just as suddenly as the friendship had originally started, they were dating. It wasn’t long after that that both of them knew this was it – they were both in it for  the long haul. Michael, the easygoing, laid-back, humorous personality balanced Becky’s planner heart, literal mind and Type A personality perfectly. 

They bought a house with a hobbit door and started planning their life together. Becky, being the planner that she is, told Michael on the night of his 29th birthday that she’d like to be engaged in the next year. Almost a year later- on a trip up to Northern Michigan – in true easy-going Michael fashion, he asked Becky to be his wife on the day before his 30th birthday. 

They’ll be married next September in the transition of seasons under the elegant roof of Baker Street Train Station. Becky and Michael, exploring the alleys and landscapes of downtown with you was so much fun and I loved your idea of bringing balloons – seriously counting down until we are exploring downtown once again in just a few short months on your wedding day! xx- M



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