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Downtown South Bend Engagement Session // Lainie and Jack

Maybe it was because they both shared a love of music or the love for their campus and teammates, but Lainie and Jack instantly became friends in undergrad when they crossed paths. It wasn’t long before they became inseperable. Just as friends though. Nothing more, ever. Even as roommates, they kept it cool and never shared feelings towards each other because there was nothing there. Then one night, while on the couch with a few other friends, Lainie’s friend started to tease them about what would transpire if one of them started to date another person. There was a long pause and the realization struck Lainie and Jack at the same time – they couldn’t live without each other. After years of friendship, they were almost the same person. Their laughs harmonized, their body language gave way to each other, and they couldn’t spend a day without talking or spending time together. This was it, they had both find the one and had hardly realized it while it had happened.

They spend the next few years finishing undergrad, working, and following each other from Ohio to South bend where they both started to support each other through grad school. Their family and friends joined them one weekend to watch a singing competition that Lainie and Jack were both participating in, but unsuspecting to Lainie, Jack held a ring in his pocket. Family cheered and toasted the rest of the day in celebration – the two best friends that held each other’s hearts were finally getting married.

They’ll be surrounded by the same family and friends, plus more, in downtown Indianapolis next spring. We spend the crisp fall evening exploring South Bend and it’s gorgeous ivy walls and stunning architecture. Lainie and Jack, I seriously can’t wait to spend another weekend with you in Indy next spring. Thanks so much for taking me on a tour of South Bend and making me laugh so hard. You two are the best. All the love – xx, M




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