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Drew + Hilary // Pokagon Engagement Session

Fate knew that Drew and Hilary would end up together long before they had an inkling of suspicion. They met in kindergarten and grew up together through grade school, but never paid each other any mind. They separated ways for high school and forgot about each other. 

College rolled around, and Hilary’s best friend asked her to swing by her boyfriends new place. Sitting on the couch was the roommate- a boy that Hilary barely remembered. But instead of the ornery little boy from grade school, she found a spontaneous, energetic and outgoing man. Within moments, the orderly little boy and the redheaded little girl started talking about the past, the present, and eventually, the future. The two adventurers finished their degrees, started a business, spent their summers at the lake, and traveled the world together. 

For their engagement session, they chose the place where Drew proposed. On the yearly family tobogganing trip, at the end of the hill in the midst of the crowd and the snow, Drew pulled out a ring and Hilary screamed in surprise. They grew up and fell in love on the Lake James, right next to the tobogganing track, which only added to the perfection of the session. They’ll get married in November, surrounded by some incredible friends and family who are planning on partying it up like crazy to celebrate this awesome relationship. Drew and Hilary- I can’t wait! xoxo-M

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