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Finally hang your pictures! The guide to a gallery wall under $100.

The main thing on my list for this quarantine spring? Finally hang pictures in the house we’ve been occupying for a YEAR. I know you’re with me. You still have cute wedding pictures and family pictures that need to go up on very blank walls, but it’s SUCH an overwhelming process and you have no idea where to start.

So enter me – the photographer that has very little to do for the next 8 weeks and is aaalll about guiding you through the perfect gallery wall for CHEAP. All of these frames are from Ikea, Target, or Crate and Barrel and I’ll link them below.

The width of these gallery walls are around 5-6ft in width but it’s easily customizable to your wall space.

It doesn’t have to be expensive!

I always get sticker shock when I start shopping for frames. They can be SO expensive but there’s definitely places to find good deals like Target and Ikea, or Michael’s/Hobby Lobby when they have 50% off. Sometimes I’ll grab a statement frame from somewhere like West Elm or Crate & Barrel, but I’m a cheapo at heart. I’d rather spend the $$ on quality prints that last!


Ikea Gold Frame, Ikea White Frame, Target Acrylic Frame, Ikea Wooden Frame


I made the gallery wall below quite a while ago, but I found similar frames so you can replicate it!

Target Gold Frame (C&B years ago, but found a similar one from Target), Wooden Frame, Black Frame , Small gold frame, Small Float Frame (gold)


This is not in my house but it will be someday. Image is borrowed from The DIY Playbook and she has a whoolllee post on how to do a symmetrical gallery wall here. Plus! Ikea Frames like the ones shown are only $15. Do a row of under $140!

Symmetry but also not symmetry

Personally, I love mixed frames to bring variety, depth, and different textures in! It depends on your house and your vibe, but I suggest having two large anchor frames (the gold below) and spacing them a part but on an equal plain. I then sprinkle other frames around them, keeping equal space between the frames – make sure to not space it too close together or it will look crowded but cramped!

A mix of photos and artwork

I love a good photo wall but balance between artwork, landscape and photos can be really fun! I get all of my artwork from Juniper Print Shop! You can download artwork for $20 and print it yourself.

High Quality Prints

Ok I maaayyyy be a bit biased but I think it’s SO important to have quality prints that are going to represent the color, textures, and depth of the photos! There’s a huge difference between a quick one hour print from Walgreens and a print from a professional company that has the high-end printers, computer calibration, and archival quality so they won’t fade if they’re on a sunny wall!

You can get 50% off prints right now – April 5 if you’re an ILC client. Use the code GALLERYWALL2020 at checkout and the photos will be to your door within a week!

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