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Fort Wayne First Home Session // Becky and Michael

They were just talking. Just friends. That was all. She never expected there to be anything more, until one day, there was. As they sat on the couch and discussed their future, Becky realized that she wanted to be with Michael more than anything in the world. A friendship turned into a relationship, and their future together unfolded. 

She was just looking. Just browsing the websites, seeing what was available. That was all. She never expected the little red house with the Hobbit door to appear. But one day, it did. And as she walked through the house, she could see her and Michael’s future in the bright little house- from cookouts in the backyard, to sitting on the front stoop, to baking cookies in the kitchen and having Lord of the Rings movie nights. 

The offer was made, the keys were passed, and a home was created. Walls started to be painted and furniture was bought, but before all the chaos began of moving in, Becky wanted to celebrate the fleeting moments of two best friends and partners embarking on the adventure of buying a first house, and creating a home and life together.  Becky and Michael, I am so thankful that I was able to document this amazing experience for you, and I wish you all the best as you make your Hobbit house your home. Congratulations, and lots of love- M



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