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Fox Island Autumn Engagement Session // Josie + Joe

They shared a mutual friend and would occasionally cross paths in the years of high school. They never paid each other any mind, and went on to acquire college degrees and careers before they happened to be at the “You’re Welcome” (post-Thanksgiving party) one night.  It was then that Josie saw Joe across the room. In that instant, her heart skipped a beat when she saw what she describes as “a tall drink of water.”

Immediately, she was determined to go on a date with the man whose smile lit up the room and whose laugh came from deep inside his soul. At the end of the evening when she saw him pick up his coat to leave, she lurked and made awkward conversation. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Joe asked for her number.

A few days later, they met up for beers and a concert at one of the local venues. They instantly bonded over their love of fun, adventure, and all things that involve laughter. It wasn’t long after that both Josie and Joe knew that this was a relationship for the long haul. They’ll be married in one short month, in the cool January afternoon surrounded by the family and friends that have joyfully shared this journey with them. Josie and Joe, spending the evening with you made me a million times more excited for your wedding, and I’m counting down the days! See you in just a short month! xx, M

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