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Goegleins Homestead Wedding // Carrie + Josh

He was just a boy in her math class. Just a boy that she tried to hide her papers from, as he attempted to slyly take a look at her algebra answers. Just a boy that she passed in the hallways of their high school.  But she was the pretty blond hair, blue eyed girl that stood out among all the others. The girl that captured his heart instantly. The girl that he prematurely blurted out his feelings too. The girl who he spent months trying to talk too, the girl who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with – even if he didn’t know it yet. 

A friendship formed, and then a relationship. Seven years flew by. Seven years of laughter, countless jokes, hugs, and tears brought Carrie and Josh’s hearts so close that they became inseparable. Marriage was not on Carrie’s mind, because she had him- that was all she ever wanted. But on a cold winter day in the middle of an empty ice rink, all of that changed as Josh slipped the diamond onto the girl who stole his heart in the high school hallway. 

A few years later, the boy and the girl got married on a humid but gorgeous midwestern day.  Their wedding was filled by the very best of family and friends who eagerly surrounded the couple with an outpouring of love. Carrie and Josh, thank you x1million for letting me witness the incredible bond you two share – you two have the kindest souls – xx, M.


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