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Grace & Connor // Red Rock Amphitheatre Couple’s Session

She refused to believe it was a serious relationship. They were taking it slow. Casual. It didn’t mean anything. Her life was not in the position to start a relationship with the titles of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” being thrown around. Nope. No way. It was just a fling. Someone she could have dinner and a movie with on occasion. But that was the thing – she wanted to have dinner with him every night. And although she was in denial, Conner knew. He knew that this was something a bit serious. The way her hazel eyes lit up when she laughed her infectious laugh swept him off his feet. Their creative souls collided in a way that made each of them work harder, dream bigger, and encourage each other on their own journeys. After months of persisting, he finally got Grace to agree that their relationship was headed down a long and adventurous road.

We met up with Grace and Connor on our way through Denver to Colorado Springs. As bad music rang out from the Red Rock Amphitheater down the road, Grace and Connor swayed to the music, laughed their infectious laughs, and teased each other mercilessly as the sun set behind the mountains. Grace and Connor, your relationship is seriously so fun, down-to-earth, and a blast to photograph. You two have such bright life emanating from you and I can’t wait to see how you take on the world. Thank you so much for not being creeped out by our Instagram stalking and meeting up with us on a whim so we could shoot your cute faces. We are so grateful and you have revived our creative bug. Love you both and can’t wait to meet up and drink good beer with you someday soon – xx, M

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