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Eagle Marsh Sunrise Engagement // Kaitlynn + Steven

He was stubborn, blunt, and a little rough around the edges while she was sweet, a little quiet, and laid-back. They were just coworkers that happened to share the same shift. Never in a million years, Kaitlynn thought, would this man ever be more than a friendly colleague. Time passed, more shifts were shared, and Katilynn and Steven started talking. Even though Steven and Kaitlynn were different in every imaginable way, opposites attract, and so did Kaitlynn and Steven’s hearts.

They both shared adventurous and fearless souls – the type of souls that would be ready to tackle any sort of challenge that headed their way. Hand in hand, they tackled life head on and spent the next three years building a foundation for the rest of their lives to build on. And in true fearless fashion, when it came time to ask Kaitlynn to be his wife, Steven bought a ring and brought it with him on their first skydiving experience. They floated through the air and adrenaline rushed through their veins,  and when they landed, Kaitlynn gasped for air as Steven immediately dropped to his knee and asked her to be his wife.

Kaitlynn and Steven, thank you x a million for braving the autumn chill and early morning with me! I have to say it was well worth it and so much fun spending the morning with you! Counting down until next spring – xx, M

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