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Preston + Ashtin // Union 12 Brunch Wedding // Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

Two necklaces fashioned out of old keys sat beside the bouquets in the reception hall of Union 12. A date was engraved on both – the date that Preston knew that it was Ashtin. That it would always be Ashtin, from that day forward. The key necklace never left their side and had taken them through it all – the early years of dating, their first child, the proposal, their first home. Finally, on a misty summer morning, the smells of brunch food wafted through the reception as mimosas were poured and Asthin and Preston read their vows in front of every single person that held a piece of their heart.

It was a day neither of them had dreamed about when they first re-met on the trolley that one evening driving around their hometown. The reconnection was swift and it wasn’t long after the first evening that Preston and Ashtin knew – this was it. All those years passing each other in hallways and seeing each other across the room at friends gatherings meant something. Once they knew, they knew. 

They knew exactly how they wanted their day to unfold, and from the brunch food being passed around to the roaring conversations around fire pits, from their daughters throwing flower petals and dancing barefoot to the tears streaming down parents cheeks, it was completely perfect. 

Preston and Asthin, first off, it’s crazy to think that the outgoing, charismatic 5 year old magician is now married with a family. Preston it’s been absolutely incredible growing up with you and being a part of your family that always sends me into fits of laughter and eye rolls. Secondly, being able to document your day was the greatest privilege and I’m so completely thankful. I can’t wait to see all the things you two do side by side. Cheers to decades more. All the love – xx, M&M 

DRESS: One Fine Day Bridal Boutique

HAIR/ MAKE UP: Andrea White


DJ: Randy Alomar

VIDEOGRAPHER: Peyton Lengacher

CAKE: Hetty Arts

CATERING: Geoglein’s Catering




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