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It was almost two years ago. Two years ago that I took my sixteen year old sister to a wedding I was shooting. Jamaica posed as an unpaid second shooter and played with my parents hand-me-down camera. 

Two years worth of capturing love stories. Two years of being my “let me test my flash on you real quick” and my “go sneak me a cupcake” girl. Two years of being my road trip buddy, my celebratory post-wedding hot wings binge partner, and my singing buddy as we blast music on the way back from weddings. 

And today, my business partner, sister, and creative soulmate turns eighteen. This eighteen year old who has wings on her back, the most creative spirit, and a dreamers heart. Oh the places the world will take you. I know we might not always be a photographer sister duo – the world is going to take you so far and in so many different directions – but goodness I will cherish the years we have meeting wonderful couples and telling their story. 

So cheers to the girl who can share a look with me from across the room and know exactly what I need- whether it be the 50mm lens or a switch of an angle. Cheers to the girl who can put a boutonnière on faster and more perfectly than anyone I have ever met. Cheers to the bouquet holder, the shoe fastener, and the baby entertainer. Cheers to the girl who can bail me out and give me inspiration in times of a total creative road block when it hits in the middle of a couples session. Cheers to the girl who can make a bride naturally laugh in a moment of stress and who can whip a group of rowdy groomsmen into shape. Cheers to the girl who always has a little fun on the dance floor and can manage to sneak moves and take a picture at the same time. 

Have the happiest of birthdays my boho babe. I love you to the ends of the earth – xo, Morgan. 

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