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A Roanoke Engagement // Ryan + Megan

They were introduced through their fathers, who eagerly pushed them together by way of showing Facebook profile’s, sharing pictures and giving them each other’s numbers. Their dads insisted that they would be perfect together and Ryan texted her shortly thereafter, knowing that the brown-eyed, dimpled girl in the Facebook profile was different. 

They headed to the bowling alley for their first date, and after realizing it was closed, they sat at the coffee shop talking away the evening.  They were both still in high school, but the hunch that this could not just be a summer fling was starting to grow. Ryan was too nervous to even hold her hand in the movie that night, but that night sparked a summer love that will last a lifetime. 

They’ll get married next October, after supporting each other for over four years through the ups and downs of life. They’re one of Brandon and I’s best friends- we spend the nights with them talking, laughing, finding the next best local food joint, meeting for our weekly night cap and wings at a hole in the wall bar down the street, and standing all together as we both start our married lives. Megan and Ryan- we can’t wait to be by your side next October. Here’s to a million more Chevvy’s dates and night golfing trips for years to come. Cheers! xoxo- M+B

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