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Salomon Farm Engagement Session // Madison + Logan

His bright smile, deep laugh and caring demeanor immediately caught her attention. Well, that and the motorcycle.  He was the cute boy at school with the Harley,  and it took her only moments after she met him for her heart to leap in her chest. Although she tried to chat and ask for a ride,  Logan had high school and a future on his mind. He wasn’t looking. But somewhere, deep down in her gut, Madison knew that their story wasn’t done quite yet. 

Years passed and just like Madison thought, they reconnected. And as he put a diamond ring on her finger and asked her that one special question on an early Sunday morning before church, she knew that her patience had paid off. They’ll be married in just a few short months, with Madison always having the bragging rights of “knowing first.” I’m so so excited for your wedding, Madison and Logan- so soon! xx, M. 

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