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Indiana Sunflower Field Proposal Session // Ashtin + Preston

They spent their high school years passing each other in the hallway. And while Ashtin claims she never noticed him, Preston never could stop staring at the bright, bubbly girl whenever she walked by. As much as he desperately wanted to make a move, something told him it wasn’t the right time. But as the years passed, Ashtin and Preston found themselves crossing paths through mutual friends. And one night around a trolley ride through the city they call home, Ashtin summoned up the courage to talk to the boy that she kept locking eyes with across the trolley. They spent the rest of the night in a smooth cadence of conversation that old friends would have, even though they had barely met. It wasn’t soon after that when Preston realized that Ashtin was the girl who would hold his heart for decades to come. 

From placing The Giving Key necklaces inscribed with their anniversary date to making sure Ashtin’s favorite flowers flooded the background, Preston spent months carefully prepping and planning the most perfect moment to ask Ashtin to be his wife. And on a drizzly summer morning, Preston swept the girl of his dreams on a weekend getaway. In the middle of a sunflower field, surrounded by her favorite flowers, food, and music, Preston read Ashtin a love letter from his journal and asked her to be his wife. 

Ashtin and Preston, documenting this incredible moment was such an honor and a privilege. I can’t wait to see where life takes you in the years to come and watch your little family grow! All the love – M. 

A special thanks to The Bridge Cafe for the wonderful pastries and brunch items! 


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