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What a Second Photographer Does on a Wedding Day

We get asked a lot about second shooters and when they’re needed and what they do. So here I am, about to give you the WHOLE rundown of the second photographers job and if you should consider adding one to your photography package. Plus, photos below are by my FAVORITE second shooter & right-hand woman, Madi!



A second photographer is another experienced photographer who works side by side with me on your wedding day to capture different angles, happenings, and moments that I might miss. They use professional gear that matches mine so everything is consistent and I always make sure they are trained in my shooting style just in case a timeline runs short and they need to take over part of wedding party portraits while I take on the other half!


Unlike most photography companies, I have second shooters that are trained and on “staff.” 90% of the time, I work with the same second shooter, Madi, who has been by my side for 3+ years! If it’s not her, it’s someone who I’ve trained and worked with a LOT to ensure that I have to give them minimal direction and they know exactly what to do and where to take charge. Initiative is important to me so I can focus on you and not have to direct a “stranger” second photographer!


Depending on how tight your timeline is and how large your guest list is, here are some jobs of the second shooter on your day:

  • Document the getting ready of one spouse while I’m documenting the prep of the other
  • Shooting the line-up before the ceremony, the back of the bride walking down the aisle, and capturing the “wide” shots from the back of the ceremony while I’m kneeling at the front of the ceremony capturing everyone walking down the aisle + facial expressions
  • A back-up photographer during the first kiss just in case one of us might miss the moment!
  • An extra hand to go grab a forgotten bridesmaids bouquet, pin on a tricky boutonnière, or run and grab that stray family member that wandered off before formal pictures were done
  • They can head to cocktail hour/reception early while I finish up portraits. They’re able to capture all the details of the reception that you worked so hard on before guests sit down and mess up the table settings and set their coats/purses at the tables
  • They can transport my car to various portrait locations so I can hang in the trolley with you and capture partying pictures
  • Someone to work the room and sneak up behind the group shots being taken on a cell phone and snag a professional picture! One of us watches the interaction between guests not on the dance floor while the other photographer tackles everyone breaking it down on the dance floor
  • Focus on the candid shots while I focus on the “bigger” moments!
  • Capturing guest interactions. This is where they can really make a big difference!



Since my second photographers are well-trained and used to working with me, on average a gallery with a second shooter delivers 20-30% more than one without – about 200+ photos depending on the busy-ness of the day!

If you’ve already booked a package without a second shooter, I am more than happy to add one on at any time, until 30 days out from the wedding. If you’ve already added one, get ready because they are going to add SO much value to your day!

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