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Engagement Shoots: Finding a Unique Location

“We love our dog, and we love biking, walking, eating, and hanging around downtown,” said Shelby when I asked her about what kind of things her and her fiancé, Joe, did on a day to day basis. BAM. Engagement shoot inspiration. We grabbed their adorable little puppy and walked through the streets of downtown Fort Wayne during the crisp fall evening. It was perfect. They had favorite streets, favorite graffiti and favorite locations they liked to hang around. Shelby and Joe laughed and were casual in front of the camera because they were in their natural environment, doing what they do on a frequent basis. Even more importantly, the personal location added a whole other level of sentiment to the photographs.

So often I have clients wanting to mimic the photos they see on Pinterest or wedding blogs (more on the Pinterest epidemic later on). They want to choose the prettiest and most common locations, because they’ve seen other photos from that location and know it works well. While Foster Park or the Botanical Conservatory are seriously gorgeous locations (all of you Fort Wayne Hoosiers will know what I’m talking about), it doesn’t always reflect my clients as a couple. 

“Where should I go to get my engagement photos taken?” is not the right question when you and your fiancé are starting to brainstorm with the photographer. 

The right question? “How would we describe our relationship? What do we like to do as a couple? Where are some of our favorite spots to hang out?” BINGO.

Think about what you want to show in the photographs and what’s significant to you as a couple. It could be a coffee shop, a random bench on your favorite biking trail, or an outdoor table and your favorite cafe. If you and your fiancé sit on the couch and binge on Netflix and popcorn, do an at-home engagement session. Seriously what else screams adorable and intimate more than fuzzy blankets, chunky sweaters, popcorn and a movie? 





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