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Melanie + Austin | Bergstaff Wedding

“Since Austin and Melanie have known each other since highschool, some might say “Oh you’re so lucky that you found the One that early on in life,” but it wasn’t just luck. Melanie and Austin have worked really hard for their relationship, and have been apart more in their seven year relationship than most people have been in a lifetime. But they worked hard, and if it wasn’t every weekend, it was every other weekend that one of them was driving a long distance just so they could see each other.” said Melanie’s sister, with tears in her eyes, as she gave her maid-of-honor speech.

Melanie brought Austin home as a sophomore in high school, and even that early on in the relationship it was easy for Melanie’s family to tell that this wasn’t just a high school fling. The wedding toasts were full of funny stories from the family about Austin and Melanie from years past. Melanie and Austin’s incredible senses of humor, independence, and hard work formed into what was needed to maintain the relationship through different time zones, colleges and  states throughout their long relationship. The smiles on their wedding day radiated the fact that they could not wait to be together, forever, at last.

The day and evening were full of laughter, fun socks (seriously, I need about 10 pair for myself. Scroll down), and mad dancing skills. Melanie was the sweetest, most radiant bride and I’ve never seen a groom who could dance better. Congratulations you two, and may your love story be magical and adventurous forever and ever 🙂

Venues: Fellowship Missionary Church and Bergstaff Place

Hair: Southwest Hair and Day Spa

Flowers: BE Married

DJ: Quattro Systems

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