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Swiss Heritage Village Wedding | Mariah + Nick

Mariah never dreamed that the moment she saw Nick from across the coffee shop, that he’d be kneeling in a candlelight coffee shop a year later on one knee. Fast forward to the slightly overcast June Saturday morning when Nick was sitting with his buddies in a coffee shop (notice a theme here). Mariah was getting ready next door and he looked at me and said “I’m so ready to marry her.” 

Nick’s jokes, Mariah’s laugh, and God’s love are what makes Mariah and Nick’s relationship so strong. During the ceremony, they chose to do a foot washing to demonstrate how they will serve each other as God as served them, and as they serve God. As Nick knelt down to take of Mariah’s shoes, he stopped, grabbed her hands and began to pray. As the music played and the summer wind passed through, the overcast skies opened up and the sun broke through. God was surely shining down on their relationship and love. 

A giant round of applause goes to Mariah and Nick’s family for putting ALL of the work to make this day just absolutely stunning. Single handedly, they catered the reception, decorated the venue, made 200 individual mini pies (the best pie ever, too), and showered Mariah and Nick in love and willingness to help make their special day 100% flawless. 

Venue: Swiss Heritage Village



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