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2018 // Best of Love & Adventure // Midwest Wedding Photographer

Hot damn 2018. What a freakin’ fun year. We can’t believe this year is over already but as I look back on the 28 weddings and 79 sessions that happened this year, I honestly am in awe that I survived. It was full of travel, a few workshops that pushed me to my limit as a creative and a business owner (all the shout outs to Kin the Workshop and Hustle & Flow), and a shit ton of couples that softened this enneagram 8 heart of mine. From Jamaica to Colorado to Palm Springs to Vegas, Madi and I documented people that found each other through all paths of life and poured their heart and souls into the relationship that finally made it to the wedding day.

We had couples that spend decades with each other before saying vows and couples that got hitched in under a year because they just KNEW. So many dogs were involved in sessions that Luna almost wasn’t speaking to me by the end of 2018 and the amount of road trips left the Jeep needing a very good detail clean. To the couples who didn’t care about dirty dress hems or the unsurmountable amountĀ of wet underwear from climbing into rivers, standing underneath waterfalls, and sitting in wet beach sand, I thank you and I love you. To the couples that stuffed Madi and I with insanely good vegan food at receptions, made sure we were fed and hydrated throughout the entire 12 hour day, and handed us a beer once we clocked out, we felt so freaking loved and cherished. To the couples who just trusted in us period, we cannot begin to describe how insanely honored we are.

2019 is going to be full of 12 solid months of church and then partying. It’ll be full of Madi rocking her own weddings under the ILC name and full of my little sis experimenting in video. It will be full of me brainstorming how to push this business in a million different directions and full of photographs that stop time. Because that’s what we’re here to do- we’ll stop time for you on the day that you’ll inevitably want to relive over and over again. And wow, what a freakin’ dream job for us.

We have so much to say but not much to say at all because words don’t really do justice to all the emotions we’re feeling. We’ll let our photos tell the story, per usual. And if you make it till the end, PROPS BABE. So sorry it’s so long, but we couldn’t leave a single soul out (or at least didn’t intend too).


All the love – xx, Morgan & Madi

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