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Claire + Jack // Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement Session // Indiana Wedding Photographer

We moved when I was 7 and Claire was the outspoken toddler next door. I thought that there was no way we would become friends because of our age difference and the fact that she was barely potty trained. But 20 years living next door to each other does things. She sparked a friendship with my two younger sisters and I spent the summer days bullying all of them when they asked to play with my special sidewalk chalk or wanted to play capture-the-flag. I was always a brat but Claire, she has a heart of gold so deep that it competes with the adorable dimples on her cheeks. She’s the type of girl who always is there to offer an encouraging word, is always prepared with snacks, and is just completely ready to pour every ounce of herself into another person in need.

When she met Jack in high school, we just assumed it was a high-school fling. But seriously, who would leave this precious girl once they had her in their life? So Jack stayed and they made it work through college and figuring out life. He is the carefree, joking personality that Claire needs to balance out her particular, sometimes too-serious self. In return, she grounds him and keeps him focused. They are so freaking perfect for each other and I can’t wait for their Union 12 wedding next year, when finally, everyone is focused on Claire instead of Claire being focused on everyone else. Although, I have no doubt she will be the most organized and prepared bride ever. 😉

Claire and Jack, thanks for dealing with my humping dog and being a little chilly. You made what is usually an ugly winter day so completely gorgeous and full of good laughs. August can’t come soon enough! All the love – xx, M

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