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Alma College Engagement Session // Emily + Adam

They became fast friends as melodies echoed off the walls of the choir rooms. The college was small and they often found themselves passing in the hallway or hanging out with the same group of friends. As the months passed, the two friends became inseparable. It wasn’t until one evening during the midst of a chaotic week of rehearsals and finals, that Adam finally summoned the courage to ask Emily where their friendship was headed. As her heart skipped a beat, she poured a glass of wine and thought of her answer.

Much to Adams surprise, she agreed to go on a date.  As word of their new relationship status spread around campus, Adam and Emily learned about the running bet that had been placed on the possibility of them dating in the future. They walked through campus hand in hand as money was exchanged between their friends and classmates. 

Adam and Emily immediately knew that they wanted to visit their alma mater for their engagement session. As we walked through the campus, they reminisced, told stories full of nostalgia, and remarked at how much the college had changed in the few years it had been since they fell in love there. Emily and Adam, experiencing Alma with you was so fun and full of laughter – you two bring out so much joy in each other and I am counting down the days until your wedding! xx- M

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