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Amber & Nick // Chicago City Hall Elopement // Chicago Wedding Photographer

2020 man. Engaged couples have received a major brunt of quaratine/restriction/covid19 rules and Amber and Nick were no exception. On what was supposed to be a day full of crowded dance floors, champagne and speeches, Amber and Nick drove through an empty city on the way to City Hall with the closest of family masked and ready to celebrate.

So often couples think the perfect wedding day is one that perfectly plays out – everything planned to the minute, not a hiccup in sight. But it’s so much more. I’ve told couples countless times this year that “married is what matters” and Amber and Nick embraced that mindset wholeheartedly. Dark courthouse basements and masked first kisses weren’t what they imagined, but it was more perfect than they imagined.

Amber and Nick did the long walk through the hallways, waving to newly married couples as they made their way down to the marriage. Ten dollars and three minutes later, they pulled down their masks for a quick kiss and polaroid selfie under the Congratulations! sign. It was kitschy and cute and absolutely perfect. Family cheered as they walked out and intimate family portraits were taken under the City Hall sign.

On literally the most gorgeous summer day that Chicago had to offer, Amber and Nick explored the empty city as family prepped Portillo’s takeout and drinks for their return. They imagined their wedding day much differently than what actually transpired, but like many Covid couples, it was “exactly what they didn’t know they wanted.”

Amber and Nick, this day was perfect. Thank you for embracing all of the curveballs 2020 threw at you and just rocking the freakin’ crap out of it. You two are a force and I’m beyond stoked (and blessed) to celebrate and document your day not once, but twice. 2021 is ready for you. All the love – xx, M

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