Anne & Geneva // Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve Engagement Session // Chicago Wedding Photographer

It’s October and usually by this time photographers are burnt out and pushing through. Going through the motions, just getting the job done as best as they can. But man, Anne and Geneva were freaking inspiring. They put up with my endless word vomit of random directions and prompts and made everything their own. There’s a special place in my heart for couples that are ruthlessly competitive *husband and I raise our hands* and man, these two have it. Everything was a game to see who was stronger, who could hug harder, who could love more – in the most lighthearted and fun way.

We met halfway between Chicago and Fort Wayne at the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve, which is the most random but cutest little park in basically the middle of nowhere. We hiked the trails and had our asses bit off by mosquitos as they talked about how competitive their proposals were (see I told you). Ann had taken the time to extravagantly plan a whole proposal in Amsterdam but Geneva, with a strong feeling that it might be coming, beat her to the punch and proposed before their trip, surrounded by family and friends. Anne refused to admit defeat and still followed through with the proposal and Geneva’s sister and mom waiting for her in Amsterdam. Ugh, I love them.

You two – I’m SO READY for January and to freeze my butt off while documenting your day in the most gorgeous venue known to man (check out Salvage One guys). Thank you for giving me the creative boost I needed during fall season and making me laugh so. freaking. much. Seriously can’t wait and I’ll see you in a few months! All the love – xx, M



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