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Michelle + Zach // Sunrise Eagle Marsh Engagement Session // Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

She almost got drunk on purple hazes from The Deck (which is a very easy thing to do) on the day he proposed. He told her to slow down, which ticked her off quite a bit but Michelle is the kind that picks and chooses when to push the envelope. And thank goodness that she didn’t, because when she got home, every single person of her giant Mexican family was waiting for her as Zach got on one knee and asked the question that her and everyone else had been waiting ages to hear.

We woke up at the crack of dawn because Eagle Marsh has the prettiest autumn fog ever. We almost got rained out but man, I’m so glad we didn’t cause Michelle and Zach brought their most dramatic vibes and their A game. Even with the extreme lack of caffeine and the heavy bags under the eyes (just my eyes honestly), they spent the entire morning giving each other a hard time, joking, and laughing – just as the best kind of couples do. And because Michele always has to shake things up and be just a little unique, they’ll be married on a Wednesday next July at the newest and prettiest venue in Fort Wayne, surrounded by the same dramatic vibes and the same big, supportive, Mexican family.

Zach, you definitely worked for your pancakes and Michelle, I hope you found some cinnamon roles that equated to Bob Evans (RIP), because you definitely deserve it. Send the giant-est thanks to your parents for bringing the floof and the bow-tie. I seriously love you all and can’t wait to party it up with you next summer! All the freakin love – xx, M


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