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Boho Rustic Wedding at IPFW International Ballroom // Taylor & Mitch

It started as a simple swipe right that turned into a casual meet-up for drinks. The casual drink turned into seeing and talking to each other every day. Her family dubbed it as “Taylor’s boy-crazy Mitch stage.” Schedules were constantly being rearranged simply so Taylor could see the boy who so swiftly had stolen her heart. It was only a few short months into their relationship when they both knew that this would be the last person they ever swiped right for. 

To say Taylor and Mitch are perfectly matched is an understatement. Mitch keeps Taylor’s wild-child personality grounded and focused, while Taylor gives Mitch a laugh that is only for him. On their wedding day, that laugh echoed through the reception hall constantly. The joy and love that Taylor and Mitch have for each other shone through every facet of their day. As hundreds of family members and friends doted on Taylor and Mitch, making sure every small detail was taken care of, Mitch and Taylor were only focused on each other. 

Taylor and Mitch, documenting your day was the biggest joy and such an incredibly fun and touching day to witness. I can’t wait to see how you two do life together, and enjoy lots of margaritas in Punta Canta- you two deserve it! xx, M&M

DRESS: The Bride to Be
TUX: Louie’s Tux Shop
MAKEUP: Glamour to Go Mobile Salon
VENUE: IPFW International Ballroom
CATERING: Nine Mile Restaurant

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