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Elegant Downtown Wedding at the Embassy Theatre // Kristina + Brandon

It was on a Thursday when he had the feeling that this might be it. The gorgeous brown-eyed girl was sitting next to him on a couch, sipping a margarita as they agreed to start dating. He had never met someone who complimented his character so perfectly – her straightforward personality harmonized with his dreamer’s soul, while her bubbly laugh rang through the room as Brandon’s witty humor entered the smooth cadence of conversation. After that night, they were inseparable. 

Through the next half-decade, Kristina and Brandon did the seemingly impossible. As they both encouraged and pushed each other through college and full-time jobs, they started a family. When it seemed that all odds were against them, they made it work. They became stronger. They fell even deeper in love. And on a Monday, just as fireworks framed the Fort Wayne skyline, Brandon fell on one knee and asked Kristina to be his bride.

Exactly five years after they sipped margaritas on the couch, on a Wednesday, they became husband and wife. Family and friends surrounded them, sipped champagne, and made heartwarming speeches about the love that Kristina and Brandon share. Kristina and Brandon – documenting your day was the greatest joy, and I can’t wait to see all the adventures life has for you. You are a true power couple and the most perfect match – xx, M&M


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