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Crooked Lake Engagement Session // Bailey + Brett

She was the wild child of the family. The little girl with skinned knees, dirty bare feet, and tangles in her wet hair. She spent her days catching frogs and helping her dad drive the boat across the lake. The lake-house was where she grew up, where her siblings were married, and where her family heritage was housed.  It was only destiny that she would meet the man of her dreams on the water. 

From the moment they saw each other, they knew that something more was meant for them than just a friendly conversation. Through thick and thin, Brett and Bailey stood by each others side, creating a gorgeous life together. And when her father passed just last year, Brett was her rock, her foundation, and her lifeline. 

They’ll be married this summer, surrounded by their family and friends, with her dad in spirit. We spent the evening at the lake, as Bailey told the stories of her childhood, her families heritage, and the love that surrounded the household. So excited for your day, Brett & Bailey 😉 xx – M

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