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Whimsical Concordia Theological Seminary Wedding // Joanna & Jean-Luc

The day had just started. She sat quietly in the chair as her hair and makeup were being applied. Her bridesmaids stood and watched, chatting amongst themselves. The makeup artist broke Joanna’s silence, asking her what she was looking forward to most on her wedding day. “Just seeing him.” Joanna replied. 

Everyone knew this wedding would be different. Joanna and Jean-Luc march to the beat of their own drum, only focused on the creativity that comes from their souls and the love for each other that comes from their heart. The wedding day unfolded in the most natural way possible- there wasn’t a firm schedule, they weren’t worried about the little details, all they were focused on was seeing each other.

As Joanna walked down the aisle on her father’s arm, the biggest smile arose from Jean-Luc’s face. Joanna’s big brown eyes warmed when she saw him. All they were focused on was each other and knowing they were about to promise their heart, soul, and life to each other for the rest of time. Joanna & Jean-Luc, thank you x a million for letting us be a part of your special day, and we can’t wait to see what life has in store for you – xx, M&J. 

DRESS: Wendy’s Bridal
TUX: Men’s Wearhouse
H&M: The Red Stiletto
CHURCH: Zion Lutheran Church, Woodbury
RECEPTION: Concordia Theological Seminary
CATERER: Concordia Theological Seminary


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