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Elegant Bergstaff Place Autumn Wedding // Jourdan and Trevor

Half a century ago, on a brisk autumn day, a young girl curled her hair as the love of her life buttoned his suit just a few rooms over. Never would they have thought that 50 years to the day later, their grandchild, Trevor, would be clasping hands with the girl of his dreams around the corner of the stairwell, praying for the marriage and the journey they were about to embark on. 

It was a date that had been already celebrated in his family for generations, and as fate would have it, just the very day before, Trevor asked the brown-eyed girl out on their very first date. Five years and one day later, he watched her walk down the aisle as tears streamed down his cheeks. The seventh day of October held a special place in Jourdan and Trevors heart, and they couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate their wedding and five year anniversary than to share the anniversary date with Trevors parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. 

The day was beyond perfect, and they spend the hours bursting with joy at the fact that they were finally husband and wife. Five years of growing with one another, cheering each other on through exams and graduation, and supporting each other with the fullest hearts, the high school sweethearts were finally together for a lifetime. Jourdan and Trevor, the thought of your day still brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart – thank you for treating us like one of the family and being the kindest souls one could hope to document. Enjoy that hurricane free honeymoon, you two deserve it! xx, M&M

DRESS: Oleg Cassini
BRIDESMAIDS: Davids Bridal
HAIR & MAKEUP: Myranda Ferguson and Basia Bailey
VENUES: Central Ministries & Bergstaff Place
CATERER: Ceruti’s Catering

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