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Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session // Sarah + Kevin

She claims she first noticed him when he started leaning over to cheat off her papers in science class. While he readily denies the cheating, Kevin thanks his lucky stars that he happened to sit next to the smartest (and prettiest) girl in the class. A friendship soon sparked and Sarah started sharing homework tips instead of Kevin stealing them. They quickly blossomed into high school sweethearts and as graduation loomed in the distance they started planning how they would embark on the next chapter of their live by each others side. 

They spent their college years attending Purdue football games, sporting the black and gold, and talking about their future. Through the post-college long-distance phase, with Kevin in Florida and Sarah in the Midwest, they remained steadfast and by each others side.  When they were finally reunited in the same state, on a drizzly July evening right before a Cubs game, Kevin nervously took Sarah to a rooftop restaurant in the heart of bustling Chicago and asked her to be his wife. Before he could even get all of the words out, Sarah screamed her answer with tears streaming down her cheeks. 

They’ll be married next summer after dreaming of the day since they met on day one. To say I’m excited is an understatement – Kevin and Sarah, you two are the bubbly and brightest souls and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next summer when you finally tie the knot! Counting down the days – xx, M

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