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Fairytale Spring Wedding at Goeglein’s Homestead // Megan and Nathan

To say their souls collided when they first met would be an understatement. She was a student still grasping the ropes of the bustling hospital chaos when she walked out the door with a medical cart a little too fast. Before she knew it, she was helping a handsome brown-eyed nurse off the floor, apologizing profusely. And while the medical cart knocked the wind out of Nathan, it was the flustered blonde girl who caused his heart to skip a beat. 

Over the next few weeks, Nathan picked up all the extra shifts he could in hopes that he would run into (not be run over) Megan again. And as he investigated further, they finally crossed paths again. As one thing led to another, they started talking, then dating, then falling in love. And the moment Megan watched her little girl run into Nathan’s arms, seeking comfort and love, Megan knew that there would never be another man to hold her heart. 

They envisioned their wedding day as a perfect fairytale and that’s exactly what it was. Friends and family cheered and toasted as Megan and Nathan made their way to the dance floor, finally husband and wife, with the story of their fairytale just beginning. Megan and Nathan, it was the biggest joy documenting your day and I adore watching you light up eachothers lives. Drink a margarita in Florida for me. xx, M

Vengue: Goeglein’s Homestead
Dress: Wendy’s Bridal
Florist: Goegleins (centerpieces) & Rose’s Bouquet (for bridesmaids and bride) 
Cake: Betty’s Cake and Candy Shop
DJ: Quattro Systems
Officiant: Trevor Maggert
H&M: Amy Miller
Tux: Louie’s Tux Shop

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