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Headwaters Park Birthday Mini Session // Katelyn + Quinten

Not in a million years would she have thought it could be him. The boy on the bus during the class trips. The boy who hung around the same group of friends. The boy whose relaxed demeanor and easy conversation always calmed her soul in a peculiar sort of way. But he was just a friend. And as high school graduation caps were thrown into the air, they parted ways assuming that an occasional text or comment on a Facebook status would be the future of their friendship. 

But there was that mutual friend. The one who always brought Katelyn and Quinten back together when they least expected it. And as they sat in the cafe booth,  six years after they had graduated, reconnecting and laughing over old memories, they began to create new ones. Those moments became hours, which became days, months, and soon to be years. We celebrated their love, the victory of a long distance relationship, and Katelyn’s birthday by exploring Headwaters Park. Katelyn and Quinten, it was such an honor documenting your love and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you! xx- M

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