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Kelsey + Roderick // Palmer Park Colorado Springs Couple’s Session

They fell in love below the lamplights of the colorful Spaniard town they were both visiting. Kelsey was on a study abroad trip and Roderick was on a vacation when their two worlds collided. It was an instant connection and a whirlwind of a two weeks where even though they were practically strangers, they felt like they had known each other their whole life. Kelsey saw the world in an entirely differently lens through Roderick’s eyes and Kelsey brought a joy to Roderick’s life that he hadn’t every experienced before.

Just a few short months later, Kelsey found herself changing life plans and  leaving the United States. Even though Brazil was halfway across the world and offered her a new language, millions of strangers, and entirely different culture, Kelsey dove in head first. She had to be with Roderick and there was no other option. People called them crazy, but it just felt right. Years passed and they built their lives from the ground up – starting businesses, moving from place to place, and exploring the world. Through the thrill of it all, they have each other – even when life gets messy or they find themselves lost in a new city starting from scratch. Kelsey keeps Roderick grounded while Roderick adds a light and laughter to Kelsey’s life that nobody else could instill.

We met up shortly after they had moved to Colorado Springs to start a new chapter of life together. In a city they now call their own, we explored their favorite park and view of Pike’s Peak and celebrated the end of the session with good beer and great tacos. Kelsey and Roderick, meeting you was such a privilege and I can’t wait to see all you conquer with your lives. You truly are the brightest and most adventurous souls and I can’t thank you enough for meeting me in the mountains for such a fun evening (and also wearing all the Spell & the Gypsy Collective my heart desired). All the love – xx, M

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