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Downtown Fort Wayne Autumn Engagement // Tifani + Blake

They were introduced through mutual friends on a night that Tifani came into town to visit. The evening was spent with light conversation and laughter, but little did they realize that as they went their separate ways, the end of the evening was the start of the rest of their lives together. As Tifani made the trek home, Blake was still on her mind.

They started talking and soon after, visited each other again. In true Hoosier style, Blake insisted on giving Tifani a tour of Fort Wayne and took her to the best martini bar in town. After years of long distance and job changes so they could be together, years of moving, buying houses, and establishing an unbreakable relationship, Blake took Tifani back to that martini bar. This time, he held a ring and a question that Tifani had been waiting to hear since that first night they met.

They’ll be married next August up in Michigan surrounded by friends and family. They celebrated their engagement by strolling the city they now call home, Fort Wayne, with their dog, Belle, alongside them. Tifani and Blake, it was so fun spending a Friday evening with the two of you and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you! All the best, M

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