Michelle + Caleb // Fort Wayne Autumn Engagement Session // Indiana Wedding Photographer

I sent them a Dodgeball¬†movie GIF the first time we started emailing because it only seemed appropriate to email that when two people fall in love over the actual dodgeball sport. Caleb annihilated the entire opposing team and it was therefore it was completely necessary that Michelle buy him a celebratory drink in return.¬† Naturally, when one buys you a drink, you choose the most expensive one on the menu and that’s exactly what Caleb did. Michelle has been putting up with his ornery ways ever since. Even though they were both in the midst of graduate school, careers, and a lot of life, they added each other to the mix and it was totally perfect.

Michelle and Caleb were up for basically anything and I love those type of humans. So I took them to random fields and places behind abandoned Wendy’s and they only minorly questioned my motives and wondered if I was going to murder them instead. It was 80 degrees the day before and dropped to 50 the day of the session and they were total freaking troopers. They put up with my dog yapping at them half the time and gifted me vegan cookies as a reward for shooting their beautiful faces for an hour. I love you two so freaking much. All the love – xx, M



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