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Muncie Indiana In-home Family Session // Thompson Family

Many people would pass over the small town with a blink of an eye, but nowhere else in the world quite holds the heart of Megan and Luke quite like Muncie, Indiana does. It’s small-town charm clasps the promises of growth, creativity, and community. It’s the town where Megan and Luke first set foot, hand-in-hand, as high-school sweethearts ready to tackle the challenges and experiences of college. It’s the town where they sat as young 20-somethings dreaming of mountains and oceans and a life of exploration, not knowing that everything they ever wanted and needed was already nestled in the bond between them. It’s the town that they left with big hopes and dreams and it’s the town they came back too when they realized that there was nowhere else in the world that they’d rather be to start a family. Adulthood came swiftly and Megan and Luke started to settle down into the arms of the little town. Cal was born, a cozy little house was purchased, and Megan and Luke officially made Muncie home for years to come.

We met up on a quiet and rainy Sunday afternoon to document a normal day in the life of  the Thompson family. Megan spends her days documenting couples in love ( and Luke pours himself into all things techy. Together they chase the little curly haired blonde boy and try their best to prevent disasters that only an adventurous and energetic toddler could create. Megan, Luke, and Cal – it was seriously such a hilarious and fun time watching & documenting your little families Sunday afternoon! I can’t thank you enough for letting me into your home and I hope your future days are filled with so many cuddles and wooden spoons. xx- M



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