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We had just finished the most perfect wedding. Our post-wedding creative adrenaline rushed through our veins, and we sang at the top of our lungs to Taylor Swift the entire hour long drive back home. The windows were open and the summer air rushed through the Jeep. Our throats were hoarse but we didn’t care. We kept singing insanely off key, because we were happy, creative, and right where we wanted to be. 

Jamaica, I must apologize for never giving you a formal blog and business introduction. I don’t know how I haven’t yet. You’ve been such a lifesaver through the ups and down of this wedding season. You’re always there to decompress with me after a stressful and chaotic day, to share in the creative high after a gorgeous wedding that went perfectly right, and to speak words only when needed on the long drives home. 

You are my creative soulmate. Nobody else could share a look from across the room and know exactly what I need- whether it be the 50mm lense or a switch of an angle. Nobody else would be grabbing water before I even knew I was thirsty or manage to hold the bouquets, shoes, and brides dress all at once and still manage to get a gorgeous shot. Nobody else could bail me out and give me inspiration in times of total creative road block when it hits in the middle of a couples session. 

No other 16 year-old could do what you do. You are gorgeous, insanely talented, and creative beyond words. You represent ILC in the most professional and fun way possible and are always there to make the bride laugh and relax or whip the groomsmen into shape. 

 I have not given you the THANK YOU you deserve. You are a lifesaver and I am forever grateful that God gave me you. So many photographers search for years to find their creative soulmate, and God placed mine right in my lap. I am so blessed to have you as a business partner, sister, and friend. ILC would not be the business it is without you by my side. I love you to the moon and back – xoxo, M

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