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It’s over. It takes a little bit to sink in. There’s a slight stab of depression, like something is missing, but at the same time, I feel like I can finally breath again. I’m so excited to get back to my business, my clients, my books and my art. I keep reminding myself that looking at the “New Sale Now!” emails from BHLDN are pointless- because wedding accessories no longer need to be bought. Thankfully, I don’t have to completely deprive myself of the wedding magazines or blogs…I mean, it’s still educational for my job right? 

Soooooo many things went wrong on the wedding day. But so many things went right. So many people stepped up to the plate, helped us out, and saved the day.  You know who you are, and Brandon and I can’t thank you enough. I worked with some amazing vendors, some phenomenal people, and I learned so much. 

*I learned that the little details don’t matter in the long run. Half of them didn’t get used, set up the right way, or noticed. I spent a million hours putting together a perfect playlist of songs that I would want to remember my wedding by- turns out that I didn’t hear a single one because I was too busy talking and running around. 

*I learned that people aren’t reliable. You can make them a million lists, have a million meetings, something will go wrong. Someone will fail you. It can turn the whole wedding day upside down, but that’s just how it goes. 

*I learned that the friends and family save lives and step up to the plate. Seriously, there’s some lifesavers out there. I don’t know what I’d do without you all. 

*I learned that photos are one of the most important things about the wedding. I mean, I kind of already knew this. But you forget SO much about the day. It’s all just a blur. As I sit here, looking through the wedding photos by Maddie Deuter for the first time ever, I am so grateful that we spent the money. 

*I learned that the ceremony, and moments before and after, are for you and your spouse. The reception is for everyone else. I am so grateful that we spent the time to do a First Look, to have time together, to write our own vows. It really made the ceremony unique- and US. By doing a first look, we had time together that we would not have gotten otherwise on the wedding day. We barely saw each other at the reception. And as much as we tried, we barely saw or talked to anyone else, even though that’s what we focused on the entire time. 

*I learned that brides should eat before the wedding, not worry about where people are sitting, and dance the night away. 

I could make a million blog posts now on what to fix, do, not to do, etc. on your wedding day and the days leading up. I also know exactly how my brides feel on the wedding day, and know how anxious they are for the photos afterwards. So many things will be changing in my business after this.  A giant thanks to so so many people and vendors out there who made the day super special and so perfect. 

A few more blog posts revolving around the first look, the honeymoon (oh my gosh guys, the resort was insane), and other little tidbits soon to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos by the wonderful Maddie Deuter. If you attended the wedding and would like the entire album, email me and I’ll hook you up 🙂 


Photographer: Maddie Deuter Photography
Flowers: Linda at One of a Kind Events
Venue: Baker Street Train Station
Caterer: Jeff at Goegleins’s Catering
Hair: Sydney Doctor at Sizzorworks
DJ: Adam Schenkel
Cake: Annette Sharp
Decor: Mostly DIY, and BHLDN

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